Why Website Optimization Should Not Be Stagnant?

Why SEO website optimization should not be stagnant

It looks like SEO has entered a very mature stage and the story is over. No, as long as the orders, duplicate visitors and sales brought by the website analysis and optimization investment are much more than the cost, they should not be stopped. If you do not continue to optimize, the decline of the site will come quickly, why?

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1. The product is continuously updated

The first thing to figure out is what are you selling, whether it’s equipment, software, FMCG, or electronics? Now that the product update is very fast, Google confirms a lot of content, technology is changing with each passing day, costs are getting lower and lower, and these changes will also lead to Changes in the way you communicate with customers, changes in the way you promote and the content, and changes in the media.

2. The target audience is changing

Who is the content of the website for? Young women, middle-aged men or trendsetters. What are the visitor’s behavioural habits? These must change with the target audience. After the 80s, they have become the main group of consumers, and the 90s have become emerging forces. After 00, we must come out to make fun.

3. Competitors are changing

Competitors’ goals, concepts, abilities, and strategies will also change over time. They will also grow. If you don’t pay attention, you may also exceed yours. These need to be vigilant.

4. The technology involved in the website is changing

The change in technology is the most direct factor affecting website optimization. In the early 1990s, the website was only a few lines of text. By the mid-1990s, there were forms, Flash, and CSS. At this time, the website planners could design the style they wanted. With the advent of Javascript, navigation drop-down menus have become popular. Mobile is the latest trend, with more emphasis on the browsing experience, narrower navigation, and more specific call for action.

5. People need personalized service

Personalization is a hot trend. Digital marketers need to provide customized content and marketing activities to cater to the audience. Just as web content needs to be highly matched with visitor intent, personalized behaviour discovery requires professional tools for analysis and optimization.

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