Why can’t SEO get quick results?

Why can’t SEO work quickly? Come and see it together.

We can talk a few more questions today in principle. In doing so, one aspect can help the boss to correctly understand SEO and adjust the company’s strategy in a timely manner. The second aspect can also help SEO staff to expand SEO work in the correct environment.

SEO cannot be separated from the rules of the actual society

SEO did not understand it from earlier and then later turned SEO into a myth. It is not a kind of magic technique. There is no illusion that everyone in a real society is getting rich overnight. Today’s SEO has long been the same as the social rules that actually operate. To get a website up, you either have to work hard to run a website and rely on time, or you have to spend money to enter. There are not many other ways.

One of the development trends of search engine algorithms is to rationalize and normalize things that are reasonable and normal. How to understand. If a website suddenly collects 100 million data into a website, it immediately gets 5 million days of UV; a website suddenly imports 200,000 links, searches for a keyword, and immediately gets first. Is this game still playing?

All the adjustments made by THE SEO staff need to wait for the time of the search engine algorithm before seeing the changes.

There are indeed many opportunities when early search engine algorithms are imperfect, but these deficiencies have mostly been settled after the fall as search engine algorithms improve. As the old saying goes: It’s always necessary to get out.

The boss must first lose this fantasy.

SEO is the most valuable marketing method in the PC era, and the mobile internet has weakened

SEO can also be considered a marketing promotion, but SEO is not the same as that of creative marketing. Creative marketing can instantly detonate, a good idea is not good, do not need time to test. The market can give this idea, feedback in 2 days.

  • In the PC era, search engines have a monopoly entrance. SEO does allow websites to rank and traffic on search engines. From the perspective of marketing promotion channels, SEO is a marketing promotion method worthy of enterprises’ choice.
  • One aspect is that if the website is cultivated, marketing is more sustainable and there is a foundation; the second search engine is also highly accurate; the third is the largest number of potential customers on the search engine, and the fourth is information integration. Finding services, finding words of mouth, etc. Are all through the search.
  • We have also seen a lot of websites that are doing projects through SEO. But the investment behind this is less to say, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of inputs.
  • Moreover, search engine traffic is no longer free traffic. The cost of Internet traffic has been already very expensive. Inputs of various hidden costs, even SEO, also require the input of other resources to make SEO work well. It’s not the kind of site-wide adjustment that is done by SEO staff alone, and the content can get traffic.

The logical relationship between website and search engine keyword ranking

Earlier, we said that search engines are actually simulating or borrowing some rules from the real world. Speaking of the logical relationship between website and search engine rankings.

Keywords have a level of competition, what level of the site at the current stage, only what level of words.

Product and service-oriented business websites are difficult to compete with information websites. In addition to the content and scale of an information-based website, it is most abundant and rich. Also, need to consider the user’s needs, the user search for an industry word, the greater possibility is to want to understand the industry dynamics, rather than looking for the service business in the industry. Unless your entire industry is a service industry, there is no information.

Excluding Google’s official rankings, in theory, it is possible to fight first. So ask the SEO staff who can do it first. It should be asking for input, not asking for technology. Then you increase your input. But considering that search engines are not their own home, after all, so the first page is fine. Can accurately do the first few, no one dares guarantee.

Finally, to the bosses, one suggestion: to understand SEO does not need to understand from the technical point of view, with the SEO staff communication directly from the perspective of resource input, like. In the final analysis, it is still a question of input.

Suggestions for Search Engine Optimization staff:

SEO staff also don’t need to think highly, return to the source, SEO is one of the types of work. SEO can’t afford the high prices. Unless you can meet good projects, good bosses, dare to desperate SEO. And exactly, you have this ability.

After reading the above, grassroots webmasters are awake. High-quality content is the future of search. SEO staff needs to access more Internet content and constantly acquire new knowledge and self-growth… Nowadays, competition is fierce in all walks of life. The vertical sector is slowly becoming saturated.

It can only be said that webmasters are becoming more and more difficult. Single keyword rankings have also become increasingly difficult to obtain high volume traffic, and webmasters can only change old SEO thinking as the Internet changes. Future website promotion may require a lot of money, or it will continue to produce high-quality content in order to make the site invincible.

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