Current 7 Main Industries Which Are Most Sluggish for SEO’s

A list of the 7 industries in which SEO is the most sluggish

With the development of the Internet, all walks of life began to deepen the development of the Internet, SEO optimization is to be used as a more effective tool, so SEO will also enter the industry websites of millions of households. When the mainstream search engine constantly changes the algorithm, the operation of SEO becomes more and more difficult.

It is very difficult for companies to achieve the expected benefits if they only rely on SEO. Here, some SEOs reviewed the views of some webmasters on their respective industry SEO prospects.

 Let’s cover important points of every industry.

Top1. Medical industry

I believe that the friends who have done a medical SEO are very clear. From June till now, it seems that there has been no rest. The medical industry is a special industry. It is also an industry that Google has cracked down on. The friends who have done medical SEO know the helplessness and pain.

No matter whether it is the national policy or the severe crackdown on the search engine itself, the measures that we generally adopt are “there are policies, and there are countermeasures” that can hide and hide and hide. And most of the medical website structure is too similar, and the content of the website is also lack of readability, does not have a certain degree of professional articles.

Therefore, the phenomenon of mutual acquisition is formed, which also explains the difficulties of medical SEO.

Top2. Weight loss healthcare industry

In principle, this type of industry should belong to the medical industry, but there is a certain difference from medical treatment. Because most of these industries are pharmacies or health products stores, there is still a big difference from the hospital. Especially the current weight-loss health products, with the increasing demand, many people have begun to get involved in this area.

Of course, this industry is also a certain degree of competition, big brands occupy a dominant position, and others are also hung with a name to share a piece, but it can be imagined that the effect is not as good as imagined. SEO is almost a bottleneck for the industry, and the difficulty is self-evident.

Top3. E-commerce websites

At present, several of the more famous E-commerce Websites can be counted, including Beauty, Clothing, home appliance, footwear, and food & so on.

Top4. Training Industry

There are too many current training industries. Search “training” in Google. We can see a large number of training websites from the search results. Most of these websites are branches of web-training companies or some large-scale training websites. With the increasing competition in the industry, it is even more difficult to operate SEO. Basically the same word, ranked in the top few are some well-known domestic training institutions or companies, making it difficult for the grassroots training industry to operate SEO.

Top5. News Industry

Take a few big portals in the World. New York Times, Forbes, London time, and many more are comprehensive portal sites at the Internet level. If you want to re-create a news information station, you should first think that what you are facing is These are several large sites. In addition to several major portals, many news sites and local portals operate in the same way that they collect news from other websites. Because there are no professional planners or editors, they have to do so. However, the site’s excessive collection of the final results, I believe we all know, if there is not enough news material at this time, it will result in poor website content readability, the user experience is not high enough, seriously affecting the value of the site.

Top6. Network Enterprises

The Digital Marketing of network companies is too common. The common ones are established companies and SEO service companies. These websites are designed to do Internet marketing, website construction, and SEO. Although they are familiar with this series of operating procedures, they Mainly rely on customers to maintain normal operations. If there is not a certain amount of customers, then network SEO can also be said to be useless, which is also the difficulty of the difficulty of the SEO of network enterprises.

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Top7. Grey industry

The last thing to talk about is the grey industry. It can also be said to be a profit-making industry. Many black hat SEOs take a shortcut to monopolize the entire search market. For example, some people, when operating websites, want to get good rankings early, blindly buying black chains, and hijacking traffic from other websites to improve their website’s presence in search engines. Of course, you don’t need to be Google as a fool. Your every move will be used as the next target of lock-up. If you don’t, you’ll be shut “black house”. If you don’t make a profit, your previous operation is basically It’s equal to no use.

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